The Secret to Outstanding Internal Communications

Staff development and engagement can easily get shifted down the ever-growing list of priorities in the whirlwind of day-to-day tasks, but investment in your most valuable asset should not be shortchanged.

Harnessing the power of your people means you can capitalise on their knowledge and capabilities for the mutual success of your business and their personal development. Just like capital assets, such as machinery and technology, people need to be updated, re-booted and offered technical support to operate at their highest level.

There are a few key ways to engage and excite employees with your internal communications, and they’re not as complicated as you might think!

Provide clarity

Make the mission, vision and values clear to create a unified workforce with common goals and the means to achieve them. Encourage information sharing – this includes news and industry trends as well as corporate updates – this will create energy and purpose behind communications.

Foster a strong team ethic

Instil more positive interaction and visibility between management and staff. Ensure employees feel part of one big team irrelevant of location, department or job role. This not only fosters stronger two-way communications, but also helps workflow and more effective collaboration whilst instilling a strong team ethic as each individual feels valued.

Connect and collaborate

Keep communications, key messages and critical updates as interesting and interactive as possible. Use of imagery and video as well as text can immediately freshen messages whilst making them more engaging and appealing.


Listen, welcome feedback and relay what you’re going to do as a result of these discussions. A two-way dialogue will help those around you to feel valued and you might just uncover some great ideas along the way.

Amplify success

Recognising success is very powerful – employee recognition brings fulfilment and boosts esteem. Celebrating individual and team successes makes each employee realise their contribution to the overall success of the company.

By aligning culture, communications and employee experience you will drive a positive change in engagement and success. Cultural change and deeper engagement will take time, but starting with a consistent and transparent approach to your internal communications will certainly pave the way to a more valued, happy and informed workforce.


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