Enhancing Employee Experience in the Healthcare Industry

From patient portals to blogs and social media marketing; healthcare communications are increasingly reliant on digital avenues to maximise accessibility and efficiency in a demanding environment.

Effective communication is crucial and means an excellent experience is needed every step of the way – from before employees actually come into the ‘office’ to long after hours.

Accessing medical and clinical guidelines on the move can literally save lives, not to mention time and frustration. Access to such critical documents has always been difficult, particularly for those team members who are not desk-based or frequently operate away from a networked workspace – until now.

Enyware is the smarter employee experience platform for healthcare professionals which gives even your hardest to reach employees instant access to clinical and medical guidelines anytime, on any device. Saving time and making busy lives easier means increased efficiencies and happier employees.

Dr Phil Stamp, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Northumbria healthcare NHS Trust, said: “Enyware allows everyone instant access to critical clinical guidelines from a smart device – not only something the Trust has invested heavily in, but also a particular request made by our junior doctors.”

Enyware is a multi-functional healthcare solution – a cloud-based platform revolutionising employee engagement, transforming communications and underpinning crisis management.

Developed over three years within the NHS, Enyware allows healthcare leaders to securely cascade key information. And it has passed all IT, security and information governance tests within the NHS.

Claire Riley, Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, adds: “If we had a fully deployed ‘Enyware’ in place sooner, we would not have needed to close our emergency care departments during recent global cyber attacks.”

Enyware offers an array of useful features to drive productivity and motivate employees – from the latest news to staff benefits, a personalised dashboard and a buy and sell section; keeping employees informed, up-to-date and engaged.

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