Is your team working from home? Use Enyware to stay in touch.

Connect with your team any time, anywhere.

Enyware, The Employee Community and Crisis Management Platform, is an online tool that allows your organisation to streamline its communications, giving you the ability to connect with your employees at any time, using their own device.

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What is Enyware?

Manage all your information in one place wherever you are.

Enyware is a centralised platform that places all company communications in one easily accessible place, whilst creating a digital space to build an employee community.

All functions can be controlled through management admins, allowing any communications to be overseen and directed in a top down and consistent manner, avoiding the noise of a social media set up.

How does it work?

Increase business productivity with ease and provide vital tools.

Enyware creates efficiency and ease which increases business productivity. The platform runs as a cloud-based software solution which does not require any downloading of apps and is not limited by the constraint of devices.

Enyware is designed to be fit for purpose for any device used by employees and does not require any additional software to be installed.

Benefits to you

Allow employees easy access to news and documents

Communicate with all your employees on their own devices

Talk to non-computer facing employees and hard to reach staff

Provide quick and easy crisis management

Improve communication to your employees

Allow departments their own space to grow

No software to install

Simplify your intranet

Build your company culture

Over 10,000 people in the NHS use Enyware.

Enyware solves the common problem of contacting non-computer facing employees and hard to reach staff. It provides quick and easy crisis management through its streamlined internal messaging tools and offers a practical intranet replacement.

It is a platform which is currently used daily within the NHS, probation service and charitable sectors. In these high demand sectors, Enyware continues to deliver.

Through the use of Enyware, your business can create not just streamlined communications but potential for expansion. It allows your departments their own space to grow and provides solutions which build upon your company’s culture.